Today has been a day of flinging bottles! Plastic bottles full of water! I hardly knew I had done it. I think they call it angst lol. I felt a bit better after it and I really recommend it lol. Fortunately I was with someone who understood, and he cleared up the water for me and re- filled the bottle for me! I think I might have said a few choice words – and I can really recommend that too! So all in all, a good day! I am considering doing it all again tomorrow! Oh and one more thing, when I typed the word “Diary” I nearly typed the word “Sighary” though not on purpose, though Imdont think it is a bad word lol

4 thoughts on “DIARY ENTRY

  1. I favor Primal Scream Therapy – but so as not to involve the authorities I scream into a thick bath towel. And occasionally I bite the towel (imagining I’m biting the head off my foe)…

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