With me
In the dark
Waiting for the light
Though it be far away
In the darkness we can grow
Soon the sap will rise up again
And life will blossom abundantly
But for now we are fed by the darkness

#FOWC. Permeate

When the little doodleberries decided to leave the safety of the forest for the first time a huge fear started to PERMEATE them. They had never seen anything like this before. All that they were used to was trees and green and lovely hiding places. Sometimes they played with the rabbits in the glade where wild flowers and fungi grew. Toadstools, red with white spots on. The rabbits didn’t seem to mind the doodleberries being there, and in fact they enjoyed playing with them. Everything was lovely and peaceful in the forest, but when the doodleberries got curious and left the forest one day they were confronted by huge machines hurtling past them on some hard grey stuff. They had never seen anything go so fast before.

One of the doodleberries wandered into the hard grey stuff and suddenly one of the huge machines came along and squashed the doodleberry. All the other doodleberries started to weep and wail, and wondered why they had ever left the forest. In fear they shot back into the forest, and hid under a tree. They didn’t even want to go and play with the rabbits any more. But the rabbits took pity on the doodleberries, and told them never to leave the forest again and they would be okay. Gradually the doodleberries got over their trauma and started to go out and play with the rabbits again, and all was at peace in the forest.


You took my heart and made it yours
I didn’t know as I sat there
That you would move me deep within
And soon I would be gone
Lost in words that glided by
Catching me in their wandering
I came to a place I didn’t know
I stumbled in uncertainty
I looked for my heart but couldn’t find
Its beating dance in silent night
I froze my eyes began to see
Through mist and haze what you had done
You’d taken me and wrung me out
And now I lie here bleeding