It was the tenth of never, and no one had ever seen anything like it before. Everyone was going round in the nuddy because on the ninth of never something really strange had happened and everyone’s clothes had disappeared.

In some ways it was a good thing because now there was no competition over clothes. Everyone wore the same fashion – bare skin. Life had become a lot more HOMELY. Everyone became WELCOME everywhere, and everyone was SMILING.

It was revolutionary, as the whole nature of society changed. It became more egalitarian and everyone worked together for the common good. Until someone found a fig leaf.


It was the ninth of never, and all the PEOPLE in the town had gathered together to celebrate. It had never ever been the ninth of never before, so everyone was really excited. What was going to happen?

It was all really quite SUDDEN. One minute everyone was standing there with their clothes on and suddenly all their clothes had gone, and there they were, all standing in the nuddy.

A great cry went up. The whole town was AGHAST. But they shouldn’t have been. After all, it was the ninth of never.