The paths crinkled as I walked
Ahead the red door
Incongruous and startling
I knew what was beyond that door
I trod in awe this ancient path
I pushed at last on this red door
And darkness hit my blinded eyes
But in this place was brightest light
That only hearts could truly see
Beyond the altar of intent
Where sacrifice once offered
Knew my presence swallowed me
And there I met



The air
Wanders by

Whilst I

Sit here

The day
Has come

I am still breathing

Though laboured
Heavy struggling

The air

Is blithe and free

Whilst I may die
Without that air


Up and down we went that night
Never knowing where we were
The dark sky boasted twinkling stars
We thought we’d carch one as we rose
Then suddenly the earth was there
We thought we’d hit it as we swung
Close by we spied the plastic ducks
Yellow floating round and round
Candy floss pink and sticky too
Bumping cars and music playing
Coloured horses rose and fell
Going round so gracefully
That night the fair held so much joy
But now it’s gone ne’er to return


By golden fields i remembered
Childhood days at harvest time

Sun warming earth’s rich offering
Stooks standing proud in fruitful stance

Men sitting by the buzzing hedge
Singing songs of victory

Stacks of food on plates of gold
Or so it seemed that joyful day

A party held in harvest field
A laughing dog joined in the fun

A rabbit ran the dog ran too
To shouts of “No” it halted there

The sky was blue that summer’s day
And hearts were glad that Harvest Home


Purple sheen on water’s face
Takes me to a different place

Here is where I stand and stare
Breathing here a purer air

Herons fly at water’s edge
In my heart I make a pledge

Earth and sky and I are one
Singing the divinest song

If perchance I breathe my last
Lay me here to find my rest

AUGUST. For First Line Friday at MLMM

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. Sadie had never known the sort of life that the “higher classes” enjoyed. She had realiseed so many months ago that he came from a different place to that which she had come from. She found herself fascinated by it. Drawn, even. So when she got invited to Sunday lunch along with some of his friends and a quaintances she accepted without hesitation.

The day was hot, and so was the conversation. The kind of conversation that she would never have expected. Sexually explicit was an understatement. Shocked, she wondered if this was how the higher classes went on.

It was odd really. He had made it plain that they had money. In fact he had made a lot of things plain! So when she found that lunch was served at a nelamine table in the kitchen she was most surprised. She had expected at least to be in a posh dining room complete with posh table and chairs. Maybe the lack of posh language said it all.

The hats were posh though. The ones that were scattered around for the guests tp pick up before going out into the garden after lunch.
“You all get on and relax and enjoy yourselves,” he said as he straightened himself up.

“I’ve got to go and do a baptism.”

And with that the vicar was gone.