It was the eleventh of never, and the events of the past two days had got everyone thinking. It had all been okay until someone donned a fig leaf. Once one person had got one there was no REASON why everyone shouldn’t have one. At first they’d all been fairly happy to be in the nuddy, although it was summer so it was okay. But what were they going to do in winter when it would be really cold?

Some very clever people started to STUDY the climate to see if they could suss out what sort of winter it was going to be. They realised that there might not be enough fig leaves to go round, and then fighting would break out, and the egalitarian society would all have gone to pot. They wondered if in the past there had been any LINk between fig leaves and wars. The haves and the have nots. But they drew a blank because no one had ever written much about fig leaves, though they did find one bit about a serpent and how it was a serpent that caused a lot of trouble. There seemed to be an apple somewhere in it as well. And a woman. After that they decided that they would have to have a Conference about fig leaves. It would take place on the twelfth of never.


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