It was the thirteenth of never. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen as a result of the Great Fig Leaf Conference and the Working Parties. What they did discover was that all the lawyer’s offices were full of people, all seeking divorces, because they had only promised to love someone until the twelfth of never, but their time was up now. Now they dould finally get divorced without being sued for breaking a promise. No longer did they have to put on a face and make an effort. And so there they all were, some wearing fig leaves and some not. It was the same with the lawyers too. Some were wearing fig leaves and some were not. All their normal formal legal garb had gone and , somehow or other they looked less authoritative. Some of them were really pissed off because they no longer had clothes because that was what they used to hide behind. Now, with just fig leaves on or nothing at all, they were just like everybody else.

Some of those coming to get a divorce got quite BOLD now that the lawyers were just the same as them. And it was much easier to see how OLD these lawyers were, without clothes. Every wrinkle and every bit of body fat showed up. Some of them were shivering too, as it was really quite COLD. Some of them would really have liked to have been at the Conference on Clmate Change and Fig Leaves, but they were stuck with divorce. There were of course those who would have loved to have been in on the “Does God Wear Clothes” one because they thought themselves to be God and so had a vested interest in it. Mind you, there was not one vest to be seen among them,

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