The little doodleberries had all got soaking WET. It had been a rainy day in the forest and they were all feeling a bit fed up. They were used to all kinds often weather, and often they would hear the wind WHISTLE in the trees. It was only when it became a storm though, that the little doodleberries got frightened. They were gradually begnning to wander further and further afield and were getting to know a little bit about humand, though they did not know they were called humans. All that they had to do was go to the end of all the trees, over the HUMP on the track that led from where the humans lived to the forest, and down the track and then they could see funny things made of funny things that the humans lived in. It was all very interesting to the doodleberries but they were always glad to get back to the forest and hide under one of the trees. They decided that this was the best place of all.

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