AUGUST. For First Line Friday at MLMM

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. Sadie had never known the sort of life that the “higher classes” enjoyed. She had realiseed so many months ago that he came from a different place to that which she had come from. She found herself fascinated by it. Drawn, even. So when she got invited to Sunday lunch along with some of his friends and a quaintances she accepted without hesitation.

The day was hot, and so was the conversation. The kind of conversation that she would never have expected. Sexually explicit was an understatement. Shocked, she wondered if this was how the higher classes went on.

It was odd really. He had made it plain that they had money. In fact he had made a lot of things plain! So when she found that lunch was served at a nelamine table in the kitchen she was most surprised. She had expected at least to be in a posh dining room complete with posh table and chairs. Maybe the lack of posh language said it all.

The hats were posh though. The ones that were scattered around for the guests tp pick up before going out into the garden after lunch.
“You all get on and relax and enjoy yourselves,” he said as he straightened himself up.

“I’ve got to go and do a baptism.”

And with that the vicar was gone.

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