Blades sway
In pastures
Between hard rocks
Mountains to be climbed
Peeking through the mists veiled
To the unseeing blind eyes
That seek only the green pastures
Hidden from such their secret glory
Peaks that call to those who are listening

DIARY ENTRY plus why do I keep finding fleas everywhere?

Well, I had a day off yesterday. I wasn’t much use to anybody anyway.

We were meant to be having a new stair lift fitted that will get hubby round onto the top landing rather than the half landing, that means he still has to climb up two steps. However, they insist on coming too early in a morning for us, as two badly disabled people, to be ready for them. Plus I would have been stranded on my own upstairs for five hours as I need to be able to lie down properly at some points during the day. That was a frightening prospect.

So in the end it got cancelled. That made me feel bad as I felt it was my fault!

Anyway, as the evening wire on I felt better.

My physical pain is really getting me down these days though, abd is affecting my ability to write. I do get very down at tines. However, my book is still coming! Just about!

Looking forwards to maybe going out a bit this afternoon!


Last night I sang my own song
Unique with steely tones
A song that lived in me for long
Years amongst driest bones

I sang it loud there was no wrong
The notes were perfect ‘midst your groans
Never to you did I belong
Last night I sang

I thought I heard a clanging gong
The drama played through heaven’s moans
But empty was the play among
Rusted steel and empty thrones
Love is all that can be strong
Last night I sang


The day you came new hope was born
Out of the ashes of my life
Disease had struck my body torn
In my flesh a pricking thorn
My spirit so exhausted worn
Consumed was I by deepest grief
The day you came new hope was born
Out of the ashes of my life


Come with me today, feel the freshening breeze,
Walking on the hill, above the river,
Remember now, this moment only seize
For soon it may be gone, it’s not forever
I know this far to well, but now I live
In the present moment, feel its glory
All that we have is this bright day to give
To the ones we’ve stored to make our story
Take my hand, we’ll walk this path together
I’ll show you things you never saw before
That always you will want to remember
Until we reach one day that farthest shore
But let the wind blow now here as we walk
And let us hear the silence to us t alk


I met Him while down on the ground,
We both spoke the same language,
It was the language of hearts,
Not the language of power
Where hearts have turned to stone,
It was a language of tears.

The world despises tears,
As it pushes us onto the ground,
But we are not like stone,
Pain and hurt forms our language,
Tears form their own power,
The power to heal hearts.

We all have sacred hearts,
When we can cry tears,
Not from a position of power,
But from way down on the ground,
It’s a universal language,
When our hearts are not stone.

It’s easier to be stone,
Nothing touches our hearts,
We speak our own language,
We cannot cry tears,
Unless we fall on the ground,
Losing all our power.

It’s frightening to lose our power,
To be kicked, like a stone,
Pushed further r onto the ground,
By many hardened hearts,
Come, cry with us your tears,
Come and speak our language.

For you it is a new language,
Now you’ve given up your power,
You may be frightened by your tears,
Now you haven’t a heart of stone,
Together, let’s join our hearts,
As we both lie on the ground.

When we’re on the ground we lose our power,
Our language can’t come from hearts of stone,
But from hearts empowered by tears.


It was the thirteenth of never. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen as a result of the Great Fig Leaf Conference and the Working Parties. What they did discover was that all the lawyer’s offices were full of people, all seeking divorces, because they had only promised to love someone until the twelfth of never, but their time was up now. Now they dould finally get divorced without being sued for breaking a promise. No longer did they have to put on a face and make an effort. And so there they all were, some wearing fig leaves and some not. It was the same with the lawyers too. Some were wearing fig leaves and some were not. All their normal formal legal garb had gone and , somehow or other they looked less authoritative. Some of them were really pissed off because they no longer had clothes because that was what they used to hide behind. Now, with just fig leaves on or nothing at all, they were just like everybody else.

Some of those coming to get a divorce got quite BOLD now that the lawyers were just the same as them. And it was much easier to see how OLD these lawyers were, without clothes. Every wrinkle and every bit of body fat showed up. Some of them were shivering too, as it was really quite COLD. Some of them would really have liked to have been at the Conference on Clmate Change and Fig Leaves, but they were stuck with divorce. There were of course those who would have loved to have been in on the “Does God Wear Clothes” one because they thought themselves to be God and so had a vested interest in it. Mind you, there was not one vest to be seen among them,

Three Things Challenge

It was the twelfth of never. It had never happened before. The Fig Leaf Conference had been arranged for this day. Everyone wondered whether it was ever really going to happen because the twelfth of never was such a long long time away. However, the day did dawn. Much to everyone’s surprise because it was a Conference and often Conferences get cancelled even if they are about important things like fig leaves.

Quite a few people started to SHRUG, as they were quite happy with the fig leaf situation. Many of them wanted to stay nudists anyway and they thought that really the Conference should have been entitled “The Case for Nudity: Nudity and God and the Impact of Climate Change.” Others, some prominent theologians wanted to have a Conference entitled “Does God Wear Clothes?’ and they wanted to set up a Working Party on that. In fact, it was FOUND that there could be Conferences and Wirking Parties on almost anything, including “How Did Humans Emerge From the Primeval Slime?”

In fact, Conferences became so popular that there were not eno ugh rooms to hold them in, and you had to book a room well in advance and you had to wait until we’ll after the twelfth of never and that was a really really long time away, and by that time many would have met their Maker and got the answer to their question anyway.


There is nothing between us now
I am at the edge
Looking in
And suddenly
I am there, part of the picture
But All One
As the sunset enters my soul
No longer a picture
But part of me
I part of it
And in this moment
I know


It was the eleventh of never, and the events of the past two days had got everyone thinking. It had all been okay until someone donned a fig leaf. Once one person had got one there was no REASON why everyone shouldn’t have one. At first they’d all been fairly happy to be in the nuddy, although it was summer so it was okay. But what were they going to do in winter when it would be really cold?

Some very clever people started to STUDY the climate to see if they could suss out what sort of winter it was going to be. They realised that there might not be enough fig leaves to go round, and then fighting would break out, and the egalitarian society would all have gone to pot. They wondered if in the past there had been any LINk between fig leaves and wars. The haves and the have nots. But they drew a blank because no one had ever written much about fig leaves, though they did find one bit about a serpent and how it was a serpent that caused a lot of trouble. There seemed to be an apple somewhere in it as well. And a woman. After that they decided that they would have to have a Conference about fig leaves. It would take place on the twelfth of never.