One day the wibblywooders got a bit above themselves. They wibblied through the town shoutikins and yellikins. Everyone thought they were drunk, and the policeybobbies were callised and they came and said,

“Whatty do we have here?”

The wibblywooders looked dead innocent and said, “We are wibblywooders and we have come to teach peopliodes how to have joyikins and play around a bit.”

But the policeybobbies didn’t believe them and they got a contraptionipod out and said,

“Blow into here please.”

All the wibblywooders had a turn, and then turned to each other and said,

“Ooh, that was good. What fundipopes.”

The policeybobbies had to let them go in the end because they were not drunk, except on the joyikins of lifepops.

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