She always did wear a MASK. Everyone thought she was a witch. Well, that was what she portrayed herself as. She took great delight in repulsing everyone. Most people avoided her.

It came to the end of term ball at the college. A time of great excitement and anticipation. Everyone planned how they would look on that night, for many months. It was a great occasion in the life of the college.

The evening was beginning to get into full swing, everyone dolled up to the nines. Suddenly, from behind a SCREEN, Bernie appeared. Everyone started to gasp and TREMBLE. She was beautiful. Her hair that was long and naturally blonde was flowing down her back, making its debut. Her gown was gold in colour, and her shoes matched. Her face was made up beautifully, in a delicate kind of a way. She looked soft and gentle and simply gorgeous.

Bernie was the talk of the college after that, but she soon reverted to being the witch that they knew, or that they thought they knew. But now, they treated her with a kind of reverence. Secretly, Bernie was laughing. If she had pulled that off she could pull anything off. She felt omniscient. Abd who knows – she probably was!

One thought on “3TC#707

  1. A great little story, well done.

    I write in 3rd person omniscient quite a lot. I got told that it shows I’m a terrible writer as that’s how school kids write. Apparently, I should only stick to one perspective but why limit yourself right?


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