Fandango gave us the words, “I don’t think you sufficently appreciate.”

Jim sat in his leather armchair by the fire, newspaper in hands. Monica was in the kitchen wrestling with a wonky oven that wouldn’t work properly, surrounded by dirty clothes that she hadn’t had time to wash. Even the washing machine had its moments when it seemed to go on strike.

The beef that she had put into the oven what seemed hours ago just wasn’t cooking properly. And Jim was partial to a bit of nice beef – complete with roast potatoes and horseradish of course.

“When’s dinner going to be ready?” he shouted impatiently.

“Oh it won’t be too long now,” shouted back Monica. “It’s this damned oven. It won’t work properly.”

Jim sat back and lit another cigar.

Some minutes passed and Monica, feeling frustrated, decided to call it a day with the beef. He would just have to have it rare. The roast potatoes might be a bit hard, but never mind. At least the horseradish would be okay as it was out of a jar!

As she passed the pile of dirty clothes she spied one of Jim’s shirts. To her horror she saw lipstick on the collar. It certainly wasn’t hers either. She never had time to apply make up nowadays anyway. She was too busy dealing with cooking and keeping the house in order with rickety equipment. She stared at the lipstick. Whose was it?

Suddenlym she erupted.

She picked up the shirt, took it into the living room and shoved it under Jim’s nose.

“What the hell do you think this is?” she spat out at him.

Jim took another puff of his cigar and replied,

“You never were very adventurous in the sex department. I don’t think you sufficiently appreciate how much a man needs good sex. And as you were not willing to provide it, I took up on Diana’s offer.”

Monica, outraged, went into the kitchen, returned with a carving knife and stuck it in him.


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