Helen felt NUMB. Had she really been told that? O.K. she hadn’t felt good for a whole year, and Christmas had been a nightmare. Often at nights she would wake up in a cold SWEAT. All the bed sheets were soaking. Butcshe was never one to think of anything as really serious. She had been brought up to be very Stoic, and so even though at times she had had trouble breathing she still didn’t make very much of it.

Helen turned the words over and over in her head as the nurse pushed her along the corridor.

“That’s the treatment room” she said, pointing to a room on the left. Through the glass in the door and the large window she could see a very frail looking person, as pale as the moon, with no hair, looking half dead, hitched up to a drip. She shuddered, knowing that that was going to be her very soon.

She got a TISSUE out of her bag as the tears started to pour down her face.

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