He was an ORGAN builder, and a very accomplished musician. Not that he had much chance to give himself to it these days, tending more to being up on the church roof. One might wonder what a vicar was doing up on a church roof, his place normally being behind the altar or the pulpit, but church rooves do tend to leak rather a lot.

“I don’t suppose anyone will want to take a PHOTOGRAPH of me like this,” he said to himself. He was more used to having his photograph taken with the happy couple at weddings, or holding a baby at baptisms.

A bit of a maverick, he stood by the compost heap in the garden, MUG in hand, contemplating his next sermon. He had been known to talk about death at weddings, much to everyone’s consternation. He glanced around the garden and, spying a heap of rubbish, he became suddenly inspired. What rubbish could he come up with in his next sermon?

5 thoughts on “3TC#712

  1. blindzanygirl

    Lol I know you are. I actually took this from a vicar I know who is a great friend of mine who lives in my home village. He is a real character but always getting into trouble for soomething! Ha ha! ❤️


  2. blindzanygirl

    And by the way, I was going to ask you, how to be able to read your dissertations/theses? I saw on your blog that this is possible but being blind, did not know how to contact you. I used to be a minister too, but went into acadaemia because many things did not add up and I had questions and was seeking. I did a Masters and a Ph.D. and came into contact with all kinds of spiritualities and stopped being a minister. But I am SO drawn to the rhings that you have said. I would love to learn more. I am in the U.K. as you know so don’t know how possible this is. A d if we pay to do this I canuse Paypal. Don’t know how you would feel about this?


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