I wrote this a while ago but it seems as true now as it did then.

As the wind screams around the house
My spirit too is screaming
A catastrophe has hit the world
And many now are dying
A day we thought we’d never see
But now it knocks at our door

Never will I open my door
Nothing can enter my house
Black clouds banked in the sky I see
Many souls I hear screaming
The sound of the pain of those who are dying
Echoing all through the world

What is going to become of our world
Does death knock at the door
How many are there who are dying
Who were not safe in their house
I never want to hear that screaming
Devastation is all I can see

Cover my eyes so I cannot see
Desolate is the world
Cover my ears against the screaming
I must lock my door
Can this thing get into my house
Would anyone know I was dying

No one wants to know they are dying
Only black clouds see
Once I sheltered in my house
Hid my face from the world
I rested safe behind my door
I never heard any screaming

But now the world is filled with screaming
Accompanying the dying
I gently open again my door
My eyes must open and see
And give the love of my heart to the world
Open the doors of my house

Whilst all I hear is screaming I see
From the safety of my house many dying
The pain of a tortured world lies here at my door

8 thoughts on “CATASTROPHE

  1. blindzanygirl

    Awww. I have missed you too. I will come to your blog. I thought you had stopped posting, but you hadn’t. Did you take a break for a while? Please forgive my blindness – I don’t always see things. Sending you much, much love ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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