Inside me I have
A very dark place
That no one knows about
A secret that I must keep
A room for it to live in
With thick walls
Only I
Have the key to the door
Sometimes I long
To unlock the door
Let someone see in
And know the dark secret
It would stare them in the face
With startling eyes
Such as they would never forget
They would turn away
They would cover their eyes
And run
And I would lock the door
To the room again
And be afraid to unlock it
Ever again
And show the secret
To anyone

13 thoughts on “THE ROOM INSIDE

  1. I think we all have a dark place hidden away. Most times I think we also give it too much power over us. Humans make mistakes, mess up, are dark in some fashion but hiding solves nothing. Be you, fully. The right people will accept us.


  2. blindzanygirl

    Sometimes these rooms are closed even to the owner of the room. And sometimes people want or try to force entry into the room when the door is locked. But we don’t always open it or have to open it to anyone. It is always our choice. I don’t hide though because I have another room too. A different one where the Love of the Universe lives and it is called a Sanctuary. I think we all need one of those too. Not sure what you mean by “the right people will accept us.” I think, though please correct me if I am wrong, that there are always people who will accept us, whoever “we” are. If people don’t accept others, there is ysually a reason more tocdo with the person who is not doing the accepting. But Icalso think there are certain places wgere certain people will never be accepted. Those are the wrong places to be, though they may proclaim themselves to be places of love and light! I don’t know if my reply makes sense or not, but Icdon’t think people (though I don’t really know) hide in those rooms in reality because they are too horrific to be in. But I don’t really know that for sure. I guess Ivdan’t speak for others. As for myself, I AM me. Gut this wasn’t about me. That is why Icsaid mayve Icshould not have used the word “I”. It just is the way I write, but lately I have started using a different word so as not to confuse. Anyway Dusi, thankyou for reading and commenting. I hope my reply made sense.


  3. Right you are. Our minds do their best to protect us!

    Yes, there are those who will always accept us. What I meant by “right” is that they are the few who actually do. And on the flipside, yes, acceptance has to be earned.

    And yes, I think I understand what you are saying, Lorraine! Thank you!


  4. blindzanygirl

    It’s a minefield Susi isn’t it. I think everybody finds their own way that suits them. Sad that it has to be so, but thereewe are, you are welcome Susi ❤️

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