Any of you authors out there – has anyone ever gone with the Hay House Publishing arm, Balboa Press?

I have been in conversation wit them but don’t know much about them and if it is worth it. Has anyone had experience with them, or has anyone avoided them for any reason? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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  1. Hi Lorraine. I have no personal knowledge of this company (either good or bad), but a search using Google brings up some interesting results, which you may wish to check out. Just search for the company in question. Best wishes. Kevin

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Kevin. Peoples’ experiences seem to be mixed. I can go with a much cheaper U.K. Company whom ai know a really good author went with, and I am not sure I want this hard sell approach of Bilboa, yet if it worked itcwould becworth it to me. Being 73 Icwon’t gett many bites at the cherry now! And Ivwant to leave something behind.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much Carol Anne. Yes, my book is about that, and I have talked with thrm, but worried about the cost of them doing it. But it would take all the hard work out for me

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  4. Oh I’m much better now, I’ll take it, I’m just relaxing probably will read my book in a little while hope it lasts for the night although it’s doubtful I’m going to sleep much tonight 😁


  5. blindzanygirl

    I was River, and I spoke to them today but to be honest I felt a bit wary of them. Very expensive and tgen I found some adverse comments about them. Do you know much about them?

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  6. I don’t have any personal experience with them, but I looked at their website and looking over the packages they offer, I think they are way over-priced. You can self-publish for a fraction of what they are charging.

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  7. blindzanygirl

    Thanks so much River. I would like to accept your kind offer. I have veen researching on the net abd it looks like a minefueld but I discovered that you can do it yoursekf. For ne, blibd ess is the priblem but it can still be done.

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