Reena’s xploration Challenge#199

“You came back.”

“But we are meeting for the first time.”

Georgie looked closer at him. Yes, there it was, the tiny scar above his top lip. Almost imperceivable. But she knew it well. He was older – yes, but she was older too. No longer beautiful, at least not in the way that most people saw beauty these days. No, her beauty was not superficial, but something that came from deep inside her. That was what had attracted him to her in the first place. Her eyes shone with something that seemed to be beyond this world. He wanted it for himself, but he could not quite reach it. Then Ann came along.

Ann was beautiful in an “in your face” kind of way. It was easy to reach. No work was required. He had her for a time, but then she grew tired of him, and left him for another. And now here he was, with Georgie. Only he didn’t know it.

His luck had run out and he was looking for work. Anything that would keep him in food and rent. He had seen the advert in a local shop.

“Gardener required.”

So here he was. Offering to do the job. He looked into ber eyes, and thought he recognised something, but was not sure what. Something did seem a bit familiar. Then he remembered.

“Georgie,” he exclaimed. It IS you isn’t it!

She looked at him with that unmistakable look in her eyes, unaffected by all that had happened to her. She was in a wheelchair now.

“What happened to you Georgie?” he asked, his voice trembling.

“I was in a fire,” she replied. Scarred my face, and did damage to my legs. Now I’m in this thing.”

Sean moved closer to her.

“Oh Georgie,” he cried. His arms went around her abd soon she was sobbing. Then they were kissing. Her one and only love had come back to her.

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