This evening hubby brought me some spaghetti bolognese for evening meal, and I had been dictating something onto my iPad, and had forgotten to turn the microphone off! It picked up our conversation but as hsual it got loads of it wrong! This is how it came out! Lol.

Colonel fork no lemonade I’m sorry Cheese on top of the meat salsa and this pastor from end of the meat not all the major mostly that no okay I don’t know some random aside with some random content you come home where is it please which is spooning at the boxing push it in I liked it I want some pasta right turn the plate round now pastor is side going that way well that’s it I don’t wish to just get meat sauce in my mouth watching images of him I don’t know why you did that I will send him sorry I’ll make sure well don’t forget I’m didn’t you ever consider that sorry what you think about just a minute mom one election to your head yet that’s always the first thing you should think about that one aren’t you aware I’m you don’t seem to be pop yeah why aren’t you aware I don’t know my brain is sick I’ve been banned for a long time now Bob never before together everybody else does why do you do differentI held the plain plastic bottle in my hands. It contained my mother’s ashes. It felt strange and unreal to be holding my

14 thoughts on “😂😂😂 HAVE A GOOD LAUGH AT THIS!

  1. blindzanygirl

    Lol that is so funny Geoff. I was trying, in between anlot of other things, to get my husband to tell me wgere the pasta was on the plate abd where the cheese abd meat sauce were as, being blind, I throw it everywhere. I have no ideaat all wgere all the ither stuff came from though 😂

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