Well, today is the day! For what, you might ask. Today is the day for trying out my new eyes. We bought them last week and they were meant to arrive on Friday, but wgen they hadn’t arrived by late afternoon, we rang the place we had bought them from, abd upon ribging the delivery firm, discovered that they had had a trip to Edinburgh! How on earth……..! Oh well, never mind!

They have now arriced here, and today I am (nervously) going to try them out.

They are called OrCAM, and it is a thingy that goes onto the side of your glasses, is run by a battery abd can read books for you, speaking the words to you, tell you what bank notes you have in your habd (not many now, after buying that!) read the var codes on goids abd tell you what they are, eg. tin of mushroom soup or whatever, tell you what colour something is, tell you the name of the person stabding in front of you (face recognition) tell you wgat is wgere eg. A door on your right, etc. etc.

Ahen! Well, I am no good at teccy things and it apparently takes a bit of learning soI am bervous. Have I wasted my money on it? I don’t know yet.

Watch this space! I think it is going to be one of those days!

18 thoughts on “DIARY ENTRY

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks so much Bree. We got. In a bit of a mess with it today but tomorrow is another day lol. It DID start reading a paperback book to me though! Amazing! ❤️

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