Last night in the dark I held your hand
In the agony of abandonment
In the darkness I couldn’t see light
I needed the light of love
A place of protection security
A shelter from the storm

Fierce was the raging of the storm
Where in this world could I find a hand
Does love really give security
All I have known is abandonment
I never found true love
Nor learned to walk in the light

Around me the darkness becomes as light
However fierce the storm
Your voice told me that there was love
As you proffered to me your hand
Piercing my abandonment
Giving me security

But wait, is it security
Do I really see the light
You left me in abandonment
One night in the fiercest storm
You took away your hand
Withdrew from me your love

I cannot believe in love
I never will know security
I must now hold my own fair hand
And turn my face to the light
I must wrestle in the storm
Though all I feel is abandonment

In abandonment there is security
I find my own love and light
In the storm I find a hand

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