Once upon a time there lived some hapless peoplilodes. Everything was always going wrong for them. It wasn’t for want of trying that everything went wrong for them. No, they tried really really hard. Every day they got more and more exhausted, and cried and cried. Nothing could ever go right again, they thought. Thier health suffered, and everythiing suffered. And Mr. Peopililode got into a real mess and his digestive system really suffered. And he had to have a telephone conversation with Dr. Obu. And Dr. Obu prescribed apples. Especially golden russets and pink lady ones and he said that he would see Mr. Peoplilode in the fruit aisle at Tescos. He said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and that if Mr. Peoplilode ate an apple a day, then he wouldn’t have to see people like him, Dr. Obu. And just for a little while Mr. Peoplilode laughed, and Dr. Obu laughed, and Mrs. Peoplilode laughed her socks off too. But then she lost her socks and had to order some more from Tescos. But Tescos deliveries didn’t always deliver, so Mrs. Peoplilode had to go without socks and her feet got cold. It was awful because the central heating in the house got busted, and both Mr. And Mrs. Peoplilode got real cold. Especially Mrs. Peoplilodes’ feet. And they were fed up. What was even worse, the hot water got busted too, and they could not wash up their dinner pots.

Tescos deliveries never worked for them. That was another thing that kept going wrong. They could never get the shopping that they needed. Even milk, they could not get sometimes. And tins of beans, and bread, and frozen peas. All sorts of things they could not get.

One day, Tescos did not deliver carrots. So Mr.and Mrs. Peoplilode were carrotless, and they wanted minced beef for dinner because they could make that last two days. But Mr. Peoplilode started crying and tearing his hair out. He wanted his minced beef but there were no carrots. And Mrs. Peoplilode said never mind, they would have fish and peas. But Tescos had not delivered frozen peas either. So they were in a bit of a pickle. And they had no cheese either! So now they were cold, without socks, without hot water, and without dinner. Mr. Peoplilode cried and cried and tore his hair out and went bald and Mrs. Peoplilide said never mind because that meant that Tescos would not have to deliver shampoo any more, which they rarely did anyway. She said she would buy him a hat, if she could get one, that was.

Mr. Peopilode got to the end of his tether. And Mrs. Peopleilode looked for a hat on Amazon to try and calm him down. But she couldn’t find one that could be delivered in less than two weeks. So Mr. Peoplilode had a cold head and Mrs. Peoplilode had cold feet.

It was not a happy household. And the dog was not happy either because Tescos had not delivered her meaty treats.

Then, just when all seemed lost, and they had nothing for dinner, Mr. Peopleilode suddenly found THREE carrots. Beautiful bright orange ones without black in the middle. He was so surprised. They seemed to appear from nowhere. He ooohed and he aahed and wished he had not torn his hair out because his head was so cold. But he could now make minced beef.

Mrs. Peopleilode was dead happy because Mr. Peoplilode might be in a better mood now.

They ate their minced beef and they ooohed and they aaahed as they did so because it was lovely. And there was some left for tomorrow too.

But then Mr. Peopleilode had no hot water to wash the pots up in and he went back to being miserable and wanting to tear his hair out again but he had none left to tear out.

But then he went up to the central heating boiler and turned a switch and a bit later on he realised that there was hot water! WOW. First carrots, and now hot water! Mr. and Mrs. Peoplilodes could hardly believe their good fortune. They went to bed happy, and when they woke up in rhe morning Mr. Peopleilode went downstairs to make a drink, and there were two more carrots waiting for him. He could hardly believe it. He went up to tell Mrs. Peopleilode and she jumpised out of bed nearly, with excitement, and said,

“It must be GOD. HE did it.”

And Mr. Peopleilode went with that one, and said that the house would become known as a house of miracles and people would come from far and wide to get what they wanted. It would become a place of pilgrimage, and then all the people who came would realise just how disabled Mr. and Mrs. Peopleilode were, and they would get together in groups and start to help them.

And everyone would then worship God for ever, and future generations would tell the story of the carrots and the hot water, and be lost in wonder. And they would say,

“What an awesome God we have.”

And so all ended well in the end.


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