After the carrots and the hot water

After the miracle of the carrots Mr. Peopleilode still got a bit miserable because he was never happy unless he was miserable. He was miserable because Tescos did not have golden russet or pink lady apples, and that was what the doctor had prescribed. He had make do with Braebourn apples. He was not very used to making do with things he was not used to but Mrs. Peopleilode told him not to be so silly, and an apple was an apple was an apple. And anyway he should have been grateful about the carrots and the hot water.

Another thing that Mr. Peopleilode was fed up about was the bed. He couldn’t change it, and Mrs. Peopleilode kept throwing things like gravy all over it because she was blind and he forced her to have her dinner on the bed.

But then they managed to get two new cleaners called Anne and Fran. They were dead good cleaners, and they agreed to change the bed. Mr. Peopleilode had bought new duvet covers with zips right round so you didn’t have to crawl into them and get lost in them and have to shout for help. Anne and Fran ooohed and aaaahed at these duvet covers, especially as they were covered in strawberries. They said that the strawberries would go with Mr. Peoplilodes’ apples. They changed the bed and then went downstairs to Mrs. Peoplilode oooohing and aaaahing and lost in wonder at these brilliant duvet covers, and they told Mrs. Peoplilode to put her sunglasses on before going up there because the strawberries glowed in the dark. But Mrs. Peoplilode said it didn’t matter because she was blind anyway so it wouldn’t bother her.

Then Anne and Fran went into the kirchen to clear up the mess that Mr. Peopleilode had made with the minced beef and carrots, but it was all alright because there was plenty of hot water that Anne and Fran said was heavenly to put their hands in. Not like the lukewarm water that they got at some places. But then Mr. Peopleilode said that he was probably going to get a dishwasher because Mrs. Peopleilodes’ friend Kevin had one, and that was a really good idea. But just as they were talking about where they could put a dishwasher a HUGE, MASSIVE spider ran out from under the corner cupboard and there was PANDEMONIUM. Anne screamed and Fran screamed and Mr. Peopleilode screamed louder than ANYBODY because he had always been terrified of spiders and Mrs, Peopleilode always had to rescue him and catch the spider. And everyone came running out of the kitchen dead quick, and Mr. Peopleilode wheeled himself out of the kitched dead quick and got stuck in the kitchen door because his wheelchair was dead wide.

Everybody stood or sat in the hall wondering what to do and Mrs. Peopleilode could not rescue them anyway because she couldn’t see any more. But she thought them very silly anyway, being frightened of a little spider, but they all argued with her and said it was HUGE.

Anyway in the end Fran got her courage up and went back in the kitchen to catch the spider but it was a little bugger and kept running away from her underneath the cupboards. But eventually she caught it and took it outside and set it free. The spider looked pregnant she said because it was so big and fat so they decided to call it Maeve.

But when Anne and Fran found out about Tescos and the carrots they felt really sad because they knew all about men and minced beef. And they gave Mrs. Peoplelilode their mobile numbers and said that they would get the shopping that Tescos did not deliver. And that made Mrs. Peopleilodes’ day, and she oooohed and she aaahed and said how good God was because he had provided carrots and hot water, and now shoppers as well to make up for Tescos. And everyone was dead happy too because everything had gone well, and what was more, Mrs. Peopleilode could go to bed covered in strawberries. What a good God they did have indeed.

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