I can do what I like
Wear red and orange and yellow and purple
All at once
With odd socks
And a strange hat
I can wear sandals and socks
Oh how crass
I can wear a chick dress
On a good day
Blue nail varnish
With orange trousers
Oh yes
Yes I can
I’ve had cancer
And I’m still alive

9 thoughts on “BECAUSE I CAN

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh Punam, some people here dress in greys and browns and black ALL the time. They wouldn’t dream of wearing bright colours. Me? I don’t give a damn and my socks are shocking pink lol

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  2. I often wear bright colors and patterns BUT an Indian friend told me I didn’t wear colorful clothes! I guess our appreciation of color is somewhat muted. I love that you have bright pink socks! Today I’m wearing turquoise and green with red shoes!!!


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