Does anyone else dread Christmas? Already it is being mentioned all over the place and it strikes fear into me, for very good reasons. I try to ignore it for as long as possible, but then it gets thrust down your throat. Christmas is a family time when families get together. We have no family, and, with everything closed down (not that we would go anywhere because of Covid) it feels as if we are in prison. Life for us is very very hard, and to have to be alone at Christmas is terrible.

40 thoughts on “DOES ANYONE ELSE DREAD IT?

  1. I won’t be celebrating Christmas this year again either. I didn’t have any feelings for it before. Think I was numbing myself to it, until a few weeks ago when I knew I wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas again.
    Again this year, like last year, I will celebrate fall and observe the seasons from there in some way and celebrate that way.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Liz, I feel it is so sad. I read this morning from a government official these words: He said getting measures in place now in order to “get transmission rates right down” is key to having “a wonderful family Christmas where we can all get back together”.

    It upset me because some of us don’t have families to get back together with. I don’t think this is recognised enough. Liz, I haven’t missed anything regarding your mum have I. I find it so difficult to get to blogs now. I am so sorry as yours is one I want to get to. I tried to create a space in gere last year for people to come to, and will do the same this year. We are definitely NOT celebrating Christmas. There is nothing to celebrate! ❤️

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  3. blindzanygirl

    It really is tough Ingrid. I want to create a space here for people to come if they need to. Anything goes. Even musery. We have to be able to speak it out. I have been awake crying about it all night, with there being so much mention of it in the government etc about people getting together in familiescat Christmas. I know you feel it too Ingrid ❤️

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Paula. We don’t celebrate the religious bit. It’s all the emphasis on family that bothers us. I hate when everything and everyone is closed down.

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  5. Come this Friday, it will be 2 weeks not seeing my mum because I have been struggling emotionally for some weeks. But after I last seen mum which I couldn’t communicate with her at all, or even get a smile, I just don’t have any emotional strength to give.
    I hope to see mum next week, in a morning, on a Friday.

    As with Christmas, I have said for a few months, expect Christmas being cancelled again. I reckon Boris will cancel Christmas. So if he does, it won’t surprise me. But at the same time, I won’t care.

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  6. blindzanygirl

    I am so sorry Liz. If you ever want to chat because I know what it is like to feel you have nothing to give and no strength left. But I know that sometimes you just prefer to be alone. I understand that as well but I’m really really sorry that all this has happened for you and I just find it so sad what is happening with you and your mum and I don’t know what else to say because I feel it so deep inside about what is happening to you and all I can do is send love and hugs. You know where I am.

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  7. Thank you. Its a difficult situation, which people like yourself that understand, or who have empathy, find it hard also, because they understand, or feel for that person deeply that they go through, feeling helpless too. But thank you. I know you are there. Xx

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  8. I don’t know what to expect this year. So far the provincial regulations remain in place. Our premier decided we should be “open for summer” which resulted in a fourth wave, many more deaths and many more sick from the delta variant. It’s depressing to think about yet another Christmas without family visits. I think all the focus on family is very hard on people like yourselves and so many others. What about the homeless, or other downtrodden people? I do love Christmas, always have, but more for the genuine goodwill that seems to accompany it. Here’s hoping that people of good will shall overcome Covid and all other challenges. Wishing you blessings, Lorraine, always.

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  9. My wife and I both come from big families and so have rarely been alone on Christmas. But last year (partly because of Covid) it was just the two of us and it was a surprisingly wonderful relief to be free from all the drama, stress, and exhaustion of big gatherings. I hope there is a way Christmas finds a way to pleasantly surprise you this year.

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  10. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Geoff. Yes I can imagine the strain that big family Christmases can cause. We have never known family Christmases and it never used to bother us but now that we are so disabled and living just hanging onto a sin cotton thread it is quite frightening to be so alone. It just seems to be never ending and I am always glad when it is over

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  11. Lorraine I’m so sorry that you are alone. We often have “orphan” holidays where we invite all the people we know who are alone on the holidays. It would make for a wonderful time. Sometimes family is the people you choose and not the ones you are born with…

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  12. blindzanygirl

    Thank you. We used to do exactly the same thing as we have never had family but we always made sure that we had people to our house on Christmas Day and we will try to make them happy. I agree with you about family and sadly most of our friends of either died or moved away so we don’t have friends either. It is a very difficult time for us.

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  13. blindzanygirl

    Carol, thankyou so much for your understanding. Yes, Christmas can be very hard for some people, and especially the homeless. Thankyou so much for your good wishes to me. I wish you a lovely Christmas Carol.t❤️


  14. blindzanygirl

    Sarah, I really feel for you. I had a painful childhood too. And I am alone too. Christmas is terrible and you just can’t get away from it, and talk of families etc. I have no family, my brother and sister having rejected me because I am blind and in a wheelchaur for life now following cancer. So I really do feel for you. Please feel free to chat to me if you want to. Either here or via email through the Contact form on my blog. I will look for your blog too. We obviously have something in common. I am so glad it is all over now, but the loneliness doesn’t go away does it! ❤️


  15. That’s so kind thank you so much. I draw on my spirituality and that keeps me going but it doesn’t stop the struggle. I’m so sorry that your siblings rejected you – that’s terrible. I have health issues as well. I’m relieved Christmas is over but the loneliness definitely isn’t x

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  16. blindzanygirl

    Yes you are so righttSarah. I too have a spiritual path that keeps me going too, but as you say it is still a struggle. I am going to really enjoy reading your blog xx


  17. blindzanygirl

    I have just read your post for New Year, and I too use the wird love for everything. My blog has got all sorts in in though! So not only spiritual. However, the book that I have written but not yet done anything with is called A Book About Love! I look forward to reading more of yours Sarah xx


  18. That’s wonderful that you’ve written a book! It sounds great. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but not got around to it yet. This blog will probably be about a lot of different things too – I’m going to talk about my son more at some point (it’s very raw currently) and my health and more mundane daily life things, but my spirituality is taking precedence currently as my mental health hadn’t been so good and this is really helping xx


  19. blindzanygirl

    Oh Sarah, I do so understand about how your spirituality helps you. It helps me too in my darkest of times eeven when there seems to be nothing left. I am sure we have a lot in common. Looking firwards to reading more of what you post xx

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