This is absolutely hilarious, and mistermuse, if you see this, I cannot Reply to your posts, though I can “Like” them. Anyway, I am re-blogging this because it is so brilliant. Folks, if you like this, please put your Likes on misrermuse’s blog ☺️

The Observation Post

Because my last post celebrating Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, and Plan Your Own Epitaph Day was such a tour de farce, I got to thinking about how to show my appreciation to my faithful followers….so I’ve come up with an idea to save you the trouble of planning your own epitaph. How? By my doing it for you, of course. Naturally, this will entail some grave cogitating and heavy (en)crypting on my part, but departing is such sweet sorrow that, for this post only, I’ve decided to forego my usual ghostwriting fee.

The beneficiaries of this one-time free service will be several select souls who have already suffered enough by being long-time (in blog time) followers. If you don’t find yourself among the following suffragettes and suffergents, don’t feel slighted. Rest assured, it’s not due to undue favoritism or that you haven’t suffered enough…

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5 thoughts on “GET YOUR EPITAPHS HERE!

  1. I would leave a Like there too, but readers might think I’m full of myself (come to think of it, how could I be full of anyone else?). Anyway, many thanks for the re-blog, and if you ever need a ghostwritten epitaph, I’ll be glad to give you a discount. 😉

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Lol mistermuse. I’ll give that some thought. I hope that some more people have now found your great blog 😊. (I hope that was a smile!)

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