Gemma was a rather hapless individual. It wasn’t her fault. No, but no one knew what she underwent at home. And that was the problem really. She never looked quite right in her home made school uniform. Oh, it was the right colours alright. Well, kind of. As near as you could get anyway, without buying the real thing.

She didn’t have many friends, and those she did have sniggered at her behind her back. It all came to a head one day though.

“Haven’t you heard about Miss Boughton?” her friend inquired.

“No, why?” replied Gemma.

“Didn’t you notice she wasn’t at school today?”

Gemma looked at her friend with mild interest.

“ She’s in the river now. Floating with the fishes. Her red hat was found bobbling on top of the water.”

Gemma’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh my God,” she said.

“Yes, she’ll be having a big funeral.”

Gemma began to walk down the path that led out of the school. Suddenly a group of girls appeared seemingly from nowhere, all sniggering.

Gemma’s face flushed and she looked down at the ground as she realised that this had been a CONSPIRACY against her.

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