YDW Reticent


Jemima was RETICENT to accept her fate. Though was it really her fate? Fate had dealt her some bad cards in her lifetime. But now her life was nearing its end. How much had she chosen the things that had happened to her?

Jemima started to think back. Had there ever been any real choice? She hadn’t chosen her parents. She certainly wouldn’t have chosen the ones she had if there had been a choice.

She hadn’t really chosen her career either. She’d been forced off to Teacher Training College, which turned out to be disastrous. After taking on a number of mundane jobs, she finally studied for a degree. Now when considering choices that was the best one she had made. She entered ecstatically into the cut and thrust world of acadaemia. It suited her.

Life was exciting for a while, and Jemima made it her plan to keep her body as fit as possible. Daily workouts at the gym, swimming thurty six lengths of the swimming pool each day, cycling, walking – you name it, she did it.

Who would have thought that fate would then play its wicked hand? An incurable disease. Now, she was blind. Not only that, but she was wheelchair bound. Gradually the life in her ebbed away. Her body became tired, though her mind was still as lively and active as ever.

Then, her choices were taken away. No longer was she able to look after herself. The prospect of a Home loomed. Her freedom taken away. Fate was cruel. Jemima fought. Oh how she fought. But she knew that in the end they would have their way. Her end was nigh.

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