This has been written for Ingrid’s Sonnet Sunday at Experiments in Fiction, where we are invited to write a sonnet for the Festive Season, even if our sonnets may be sad. Here is mine:

We will survive this Christmas once again
Two years have gone since chaos took you home
Your children torn apart from God knows when
No fun’ral did you have nor earthly tomb
It was your parting gift to those you harmed
No place to say “Goodbye” to sore abuse
The world was yours and all the snakes you charmed
Your favourite party game deceptive ruse
My tears still falling turn to screams of pain
No Christmas joy is ours a knife goes in
Red berries just remind us of blood’s stain
And that against you we could never win
But yes we will survive though devils roar
And hear glad tidings now and ecermore


  1. blindzanygirl

    Wow VJ. So you had it too. My father was violent too. So it was both of them in different ways. Christmas is not good for me but we get through.

    Liked by 1 person

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