Liza found herself deep in thought as she drove herself the fifteen miles back to her home in a small town surrounded by rolling hills. She loved the countryside, but was also attracted by the city and all its goings on. Most of all she loved to be in the University library especially the rather impressive Law library. As she drove, she thought about her experience in the church, and she felt something drawing her back there. As she neared home, she knew she was going to go back the next day. She might even find out who Father Ray was. In the event, she found out who Hugh was!

She met Hugh just as she was entering the church. He was a largish man with a ginger beard and curly ginger hair. Dressed casually and carrying a rucksack on his back, everything about him seemed to say he was a mature student at the University. Intrigued, Liza said “Hello” in a friendly tone. Hugh replied in just as friendly a tone, and he seemed keen to talk. In fact he was almost over friendly. Liza didn’t mind however. She was a very outgoing person and was always ready to talk to others. She found herself listening to Hugh’s story. He had been a Church of England priest, but had left the priesthood under a cloud. He had then turned Roman Catholic and wanted to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. There was just one snag however. He had exploding bowels! During the course of the conversation she got to know rather a lot about Hugh’s bowels. They seemed to take precedence over why he left the Church of England under a cloud. He vowed, however, that once his bowels stopped exploding he would go forwards for the Roman Catholic priesthood. He was very proud of having done research at the university into the history of the Roman Catholic Church in that area.

Despite the subject matter of the conversation, Liza rather liked Hugh. He was different. He invited her to stay for Mass with him.

“Mind you, you’ll have to sit on the front row,” he said. Liza didn’t mind that. She wanted to see what went on and, for that, you needed to be at the front of the church.

“Oh look, there’s Father Ray,” said Hugh, as a rather tubby, stern looking man in a cassock appeared. So THAT Was Father Ray! Liza thought he looked a bit strict as he walked to the back of the church with a sort of fast shuffle. Soon, he was back, and soon, the Mass began. Father Ray had disappeared for a few moments and reappeared in some ornate vestments. It all seemed a bit strange to Liza, but she found herself fascinated.

“That was interesting. I might come again,” Liza said to Hugh. “You can tell me about the history that you have researched.”

“Ok.,” said Hugh. “I come most days to Mass, as long as my bowels are not exploding. I got stuck in the University toilets the other day, and I had to explain to Father Ray why I hadn’t made it to Mass. They’re a bit strict here you know. Confession is their strong point. You always have to be in it.”

Liza thought about Jack and her exploding marriage and wondered where it was all going to end!

5 thoughts on “PART 2 of MURDER MYSTERY

  1. Lorraine I’m intrigued! I want to know more about Liza’s exploding marriage and Hugh’s past! I smell murder in the air. I just don’t know who is going to be killed!!!


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