Outside the church two robins danced
Singing their song to the world
Rude in their audacity
Flitting in bright array,
In the distance sang many birds,
They found their haven there

Many times she had been there
Inside the church had danced
Listened to the sound of the birds
Freed herself from the world
Dressed lightly in bright array
Defiant in her audacity

The church stood there in audacity
Many years it had been there
Different seasons, different array
Whilst outside nature danced
A sign it gave out to the world
Like the singing of the birds

She always took her strength from the birds
Became strong in her audacity
Taking on the wiles of the world
Whatever came to her there
All of her life she had swayed and danced
Joined with nature in bright array

She celebrated in bright array
Taking her cue from the birds
Remembering how she’d always danced
Wildly, with audacity,
Making it known that she was there,
A force within the world

She knew her place within the world
Saw life in bright array
Knowing exactly why she was there
Flying like the birds
Drawn to their audacity
Even in sorrow danced

Even from being young she’d danced in joyful bright array,
Never defeated by the world becoming one with the birds,
Rude in her audacity whether here or there

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