GOING BLIND – A Poem of sorts

Staring into the fog that assaults my eyes
I become disorientated
I know not
Which way I am facing
Or where I am
I become confused
Like being lost on a mountain
Desperate for rescue
But knowing there is none
This is it
My life now
I wish to sleep
In the hypothermic fog
No warm blankets of comfort
Just the cold reality
I cannot see
My mind is active
Full of thoughts
Full of poems
Full of books
But there they stay
In my mind
I feel a scream rising
Someone hear me
Someone hear me
And yet i am afraid to let the scream out
For fear
It will drive people away
And so the scream strangles me
I reach out my hand
Please take my hand someone
In this awful blindness
Soothe my tears
Let me know you are there
In this fog that will never lift
But only intensify
Will the fog smother me?
Will I suffocate?
Please hold me
Guide me through the fog

4 thoughts on “GOING BLIND – A Poem of sorts

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much. Yes, the panic is very real and horrible. I am considering writing my story of it in here as I have just made a post about. I am really really sorry about your mom. Take care yourself toocabd, if it helps, please pass on my deep understanding to your mom.

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