He had always wanted a YACHT. In fact ever since being a child he had been very easily impressed. He watched films and always imagined himself to be the guy who lived the good life. He grew to think it was his right to have the very best in life and he he looked down on his parents for not, in his view, making anything of themselves. Just a working class family he came from. Often, he would taunt them,

“Why didn’t you make good like the other kids’ mums and dads?” he would ask, in a scornful tone.

At school he mixed with the rich kids. It became his aim in life to make money. Nothing else but to make money. And he did. Trampling on many people in the process, including his own family.

As he grew older he was very unhappy. His son took over the business and he became redundant. No longer needed. He had made his money but it did not give him happiness. He had no meaningful relationships and he felt empty inside

Soon he began to experience pain. An X-Ray showed he had bad arthritis all over his body. He could no longer even do up the ZIP on his trousers. He searched in vain for meaning in his life, but never found it. He died, in time, a lonely old man.

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