What gives me life? It is writing that gives me life. Since being a very little girl I have written, I am told that I used to write letters to my father when I was only 3. He left me and my mother and ran off into the army so that he could join Ralph Reader’s Gang shows. He always had a yen to go on the stage and indeed throughout his life he did this.

When I was eight years old my father had left us to go and live with another woman, but eventually he came back to us. We met him in an hotel and, when he arrived my mother and I were sitting at a table in the restaurant, and he got out of his bag lots of little notebooks with beautiful tortoiseshell covers. He emptied them onto the table along with lots of pencils. It was the best gift I could ever have been given. Even then, writing was part of me.

I have always written things down. I have a compulsion to write things down. It is as if writing it seals it, it starts in my head but then travels down to my fingers, and then through the pen or pencil and onto paper. I love the very act of writing and forming the letters.

I have a desire, sometimes, to “WRITE IT BIG.” Oh I don’t know if you have ever read the book “Mr. God This is Anna.” Anna used to have to “write it big” when any significant discovery about the world was made. I feel just like Anna.

Since becoming blind I can no longer write in that way and I miss it very much. But however I have to do it, I HAVE to write. It is a compulsion. I cannot see myself ever not doing it at all, however difficult the practicalities of it are.

Does anyone else feel like this?

13 thoughts on “A COMPULSION TO WRITE

  1. Some people sing or dance or paint and those with other talents may cook or keep house, garden or tinker with cars. There are many – like you and me, who write. It is a creative force that unless given an outlet can drive us to distraction!! Keep writing!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Lol yes Imknow Val. It would drive me to distraction not tovwrite. That’scwhy I am fighting against losing it and if I do it will ;early kill me lol. Ot od lileavreflex avtion, writing. Not all are driven like that – like some whom I have met at writing groups. But others are.


  3. Yes, it has become a compulsion for me too, as I feel low if I don’t write for a few days. The days I’m not in my blog, I’m found with my pen and paper. Love the way you express your words always, and also here in this post above. You have a distinct, an unique style of your own, Lorraine. Keep up the penning work.. God bless.. 🤗💕

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  4. Before I retired from work, I used to write long letters to friends on a weekly basis. That satisfied me at the time, as shift-work gave me little spare time for fiction. But since I retired and started the blog, I have rarely gone a day without writing, in almost 10 years.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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