It was always going to be a bad idea. Gerry had never been any good at anything practical or new. Pam and Gerry had been camping for a few years, quite happily, until Gerry got it into his head to get a trailer tent. Pam saw trouble coming straight away. However, she had to go along with it. Gerry was stubborn, and always had to have his own way. There was no point in trying to cross him. It always ended in tears and it was not worth it.

Gerry duly picked up the trailer tent one day, and soon they were setting off for a holiday in it. When they arrived at their destination all the camp sites were full. They spent the whole day trying to find a place where they could pitch their tent. Eventually, at eight o” clock at night they found somewhere. Gerry immediately set about trying to erect the trailer tent, but it was raining about as hard as they had ever known it. Pam attempted to help, but they ended up arguing. It was obvious to Pam that Gerry had absolutely no idea how to get the tent erected. The rain was pouring down and they were both getting soaked. After a stressful day, all that Pan wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep. She began to HARANGUE Gerry, but that only made him worse.

It got to gone ten o’ clock and the tent was up but at a 45 degree angle. At least the bed part was there though. Pam decided that that was it. She needed to sleep. The rain was pouring into the tent but it would soon be morning, and they could go home. Gerry had admitted defeat, and Pam did not care if she never saw a trailer tent again. And she didn’t. In fact she never saw a tent at all. That escapade finished their camping days for ever.

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