Yesterday we went to the little lane behind where my grandparents’ farm was, and the snowdrops were so thick that they looked like a carpet offsnow on the grass verges. I was very sad because I could not see them. Last year I could just about see them though they were very blurred and indistinct. There is something about snowdrops that draws me. Their beautiful white innocence, their vulnerabilty, yet combined with a great strength and ability to survive. They are so beautiful. The sun was out, though it was very cold. We stopped for a while in the lane, listening to the birdsong. Ism no good at identifying bird calls, but I have an App on my phone called Warblr, and it records a few minutes of the birdsong and then tells you which birds are there.

Yesterday we heard a song thrush, a blackbird, and chaffinches. It was beautiful.

I sat there for a while with my memories, wishing that My grandparents and the rest of my family were still here. We now have no connections with anybody and are alone.

We then took a ride through the village and remembered. It was a beautiful if rather sad day.


  1. blindzanygirl

    Ooh it is a really good App Jenna. I loved to watch the birds, but this visit on Sunday was still beautiful. I would like to write lots more about that place. It means so much to me. I don’t think you have to pay for that App by the way.

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