Hetty stood in the middle of a muddy field with the rain pouring down , looking at the balloon and spluttered loudly

“What the hell am I doing here.”

She was a new recruit and had expected life in the WAAFs to be more exciting than this. It was 1941 and two years into World War II. She had run away from home, home being an isolated farm in Lincolnshire. She had lied about her age, in order to get in, desperate to get away from the boredom of the farm, not to mention the lack of boys and she was hoping to have a good time. Instead she found herself in the middle of this miserable muddy field looking at a stupid balloon with not one boy in sight. If this was being a Balloon Girl then they could stick it, she thought. She was almost relieved when her best friend reported her for being underage.

6 thoughts on “#FOWC

  1. Ha! I know my grandfather lied about his age to join the cavalry in WWI. He ended up with such saddle sores that he required hospitalization. Instead of sending him home they made him an orderly for the duration… he didn’t enjoy his time in the service.


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