In the last three weeks my life has changed so completely that it is unrecognisable. Whereas I used to be able to at least see shapes , though very blurred, I can no longer even see shapes. There is blackness in front of me. If I am holding my ipad in my hand I cannot see it at all.I cannot see the edge of the ipad and know where the screen is as I have no feeling in my hands. I have to guess where I am, can you even imagine trying to find the keyboard! I think my ipad has learned some choice words now!

Believe it or not however, I have, within the last week mastered the keyboard, though the method used is painfully slow. I have found that dictation does not work well at all, this probably a good job, given all the swear words I use. My ipad has also almost gone for a swim down the toilet. But progress is being made, it has taken me all morning to type this post and I have made up lots of new swear words.

19 thoughts on “DIARY ENTRY

  1. Your determination never fails to inspire me, Lorraine. I’m sure I would have given up long ago, and sat listening to audiobooks. Well done!
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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