River, I hear you call me to you,
Gone are the days when I walked
On your grassy banks, the wind in my hair,
But still I hear your song,
The air thick with desire,
If just for one more time I could come

On summer days I would often come
Finding peace as I watched you
Around, all that I could desire
My spirits lifted as I walked
Deep within a joyous song
As the wind tossed my hair

Wayward always was my hair
As I felt each season come
Accompanied by a different song
That I sang as I danced beside you
Many miles over time I walked
To walk was always my deep desire

Now I am filled with a deeper desire
So different is my hair
No miles now will ever be walked
Never again will I come
But I never will lose my love for you
Or cease to sing you my song

On my lips is always a song
Born from my deep desire
One day maybe I’ll dance with you
Grow once again my hair
Again and again you whisper “Come”
Remembering how far once I walked

Along your banks many feet have walked
I wonder how many sang a song?
My sweet love, soon I will come
My heart aches, for you are all I desire
See the greying of my hair
But in my heart I carry you

8 thoughts on “RIVER

  1. This is so beautiful, Lorraine! One of my favorites of yours. Rivers hold a special place in my heart ❤️. Thank you for sharing your gift of words with us. Love you! 💛


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