I had been with him for ten days, my father that was. He had had a stroke and knew he was dying. It was a Sunday morning and I had been sitting with him for many hours. Suddenly his breathing changed and I knew this was it. At this point the door to his hospital room opened and it was my mother.

“Where the hell have you been?” I spat out at her.

“If you can’t stand it, get out,” she barked at me.

I left the room and fell against the wall in the corridor sobbing. A nurse who knew all the hours I had spent with him, and had got the situation weighed up, took me by the shoulder and pushed me back into the room. Another nurse was stood beside my father with a beautiful smile on her face taking his PULSE.

“He’s gone,” she said within a few seconds. My mother was stood at the end of his bed looking at him, and the words came out,

“I had three children by him.” I wanted to say ,

“And you never wanted any one of us.”

3 thoughts on “#FOWC

  1. So very sad. You’ve talked about your mother’s toxic behavior and this is just one more example. I’m sure your father knew you were with him… ❤


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