I watch them swooping, soaring, diving,
Dancing in the air in pure joy
And I hear their song from the trees
Their wings unclipped
Their voices not silenced
Free to sing as they will
Whatever their song
I sang to you a song
and you silenced me
Clipped my wings
No longer could I soar with the birds
But in the darkness of the prison you put me in
My song rises
In the night I sing as I will
That love is nothing to do with fear


Never ending
The path that we tread
Beset with perils,
Darkest nights
We lose our bearings,
Stretch out our hands,
Feel our way,
Terror strikes us,
In fear we fall,
But there on the ground we find
Bright gems,
Again we rise,
Like gold,
In the fires of life


I heard tonight the calling of my name
Upon the wind when tears did sting my eyes
In soft and gentle tones caressing all my pain

I listened hard  and there it was again
Blowing through the trees a whispered sigh
I heard tonight the calling of my name

Here in this place You made Your purpose plain
I answered You not even asking why
In soft and gentle tones caressing all my pain

I’d waited long to hear Love’s sweet refrain
My grief so strong I thought that I would die
I heard tonight the calling of my name

Sweet peace embraced my soul and I did gain
Love’s rich reward eternity came nigh
I heard tonight the calling of my name
In soft and gentle tones caressing all my pain


Fingers adorned
The lonely green grass verge
With violets and campions
So bright
Glorious were those summer days
Shining with love and life
Now in the dark
I shine

Scenes come
Into my mind
From wondrous childhood days
I knew
But always there was the shining
Nature taught me to love
In the darkness
And light


Today I am left wondering
About this God Who slips through cracks
Who is so slippery
That even when
You feel
You have Him in your grasp
He slides away
Like a wiil o’ the wisp
Light as a feather
“Do not cling to me,”
We hear those words
And know, that even if we would,
We could not
And maybe this is right
For however much
We would like to hold on
To cling
We must set Him free
By setting ourselves free
From definitions
That He touched lepers
Kissed them
And we, the lepers
Are permanently touched
So no longer
In fear
Must we cling
But know that we are set free
To fly


Bathed in pink
The setting sun
Transforming you while
Birds sing their evening song
Soon the world will be asleep
In the arms of the Universe
All at rest in the peace of the night
And my soul too is at peace with the world


Shine, shine dark eyes although you cannot see,
Bright gems of light blazing in anguished soul,
Not even blindness can put out the light in me.

How many times from prison bars did you break free?
Living though dying, this always was your goal,
Shine, shine dark eyes although you cannot see.

Whatever life could throw, you fought to be
Victorious over even death bell’s deafening toll
Not even blindness can put out the light in me.

These eyes so dark now, just like ebony,
That sickness from them once the blinding light stole
Shine, shine dark eyes although you cannot see.

Come with Your light eternal, Lord, that we
Might walk together, towards that glorious goal
Not even blindness can put out the light in me.

Together as we walk we’ll make the darkness flee
Nothing can ever quench the light, we can be whole,
Shine, shine dark eyes although you cannot see
Not even blindness can put out the light in me


Today the battle really was too great
I died in grief’s great arms in my dark night
Upon my soul was sorrow’s deadly weight
I knew that I had given up the fight
I sank into oblivion in the dark
No one could reach me there, and nor I them
And in that vacuum knew the truth so stark,
That never would there be a how or when,
Alone in that great pit that took me in
And gave me comfort of the strangest kind
I knew that in this life I’d never win,
True peace and rest I’d not in this world find,
So now my weary body do I hold
Waiting for the land that offers true gold


Sitting as the sun died and night came
I smelled and tasted the air that spoke of times past
And once again I could see,
Feel the movement of the big swing
In the night air
Reaching to the stars in the black sky
Laughing in exhilaration
As only a child can
If I could catch a star
And hold it forever
Here, in this place where now I sat
The past lived again
Like then
I asked questions
“”Where is God?”
Seeing the vastness of the sky
I wondered
Was He beyond the stars?
Could I catch and hold Him too?
Could I even reach Him?
Small as I was then
I feel even smaller now
Blind, lame, sick,
And now I wonder just as then
“Can I catch and hold God?”
And even as I ask,
I feel once again a child’s wonderment
And know that the Kingdom of Heaven
Belongs to such as me,
And that it is not high up in the skues
Beyond my reach,
But indeed it is within me
Not dependent on time or space
But ever present
Ever a gift
Ever mine


One day the darkness overcame her
The earth covered her
The dampness ate into her,
Stifled, she tried to scream
But there was no breath in her body
Lifeless she lay there
This could not be it
Her soul still lived
This could not be her final breath
Slowly she began to move her fingers
Stiffened by the dank earth
They struggled to move
The resistance of the earth
Held them
She remembered she was dust
But in the dust
The Valley of dry bones
Life lived again
Her fingers curled around a tiny stone
She felt its sharp edges
And knew she was not dead
And that life could live again
And suddenly her scream was born
And in the screaming
She was brought to life again
The darkness pierced


Down the lane they walked each night
In the vast dark sky the stars shone bright
In innocence the young child cried
To the one who was walking by her side
“Is it God Who gives the stars their light?”

A hand held onto the child so tight
What was the answer that was right?
How could she this night decide
As down the lane they walked

Reasoned answers took their flight
It seemed that faith was better than sight
Who was now to be their Guide
Where in the Universe did He hide?
Was there One Who saw their plight?
As down the lane they walked


The birds were silenced
No longer was there chatter
It was time to shield

The world changed that day
Became a dangerous place
Where none could find peace

Folks talked in hushed tones
About the appalling thing
That had taken them

Freedom was not theirs
They had learned to live in fear
Like brainwashed zombies


Blades sway
In pastures
Between hard rocks
Mountains to be climbed
Peeking through the mists veiled
To the unseeing blind eyes
That seek only the green pastures
Hidden from such their secret glory
Peaks that call to those who are listening


I thought there was no music
Something wasn’t right,
I thought there was no music
The sun was shining bright,
I thought there was no music,
There was no sound in the air,
I thought the was no music,
All was stripped and bare,
I thought there was no music,
Everything seemed dark,
I thought there was no music,
In my heart I felt so stark
But suddenly, there came a sound,
There it was again,
On the airwaves, loud and clear,
I heard the angels sing


I bask in the sunset of a molten day
Sinking into vanilla sheets cooling sizzling sinews
Stretched beyond forbearance
Snapping in the lava flow
Red with intent
Is this the calm before the storm
The explosive gases of your hatred
For I have learned it well
That history repeats itself
And nothing is ever sated
Save my inner essence
That drinks of everlasting waters
Frothing from the ground


Take, my Love
What I have offered to you
And let yourself be broken
As you caress my brokenness too
In brokenness we find ourselves
In touching wounds
In healing balms
Take, eat, remember me
As you share the feast
Of brokenness and love
Broken bread
Shed blood
Of innocence
You ask who sinned
It was not you
You simply broke
As i did too
And from our wounds
Gushed blood and water
But today we feast
And in the feast you join me
In Paradise


One day I found love
Drank deep of its pure delights
Behind me were darker things
Now I was in the light
But then the shadows appeared
Leading me into a valley
Where death lurked
So busy was I
Looking at the sun
I was blinded to the dangers
That lay in wait for me
Sweet words were sung to me
Ensnaring touching my aching heart
I walked in the valley of torment
Death took my soul to hell


The wild wind blew
Singing her own sad song
Calling for her Lover to come
Until she became a torrent
Of rushing emotions
“Where are you Love”
Come now

Her song
Echoed through trees
Caressing the branches
Moaning desperately in grief
“Oh Love
Find me
Come and quell my rising passions
Do not leave me alone
Hear my sad song
Take me”


Who am I?
I slide and slither on the rule,
Refusing to be held
In the bonds of what you say I am,
I am what I name myself,
Earth, sea, fire,wind,
Each day perhaps a different name,
You cannot measure me
On a ruler,
Hold me in your judgement,
Define, confine, condemn me,
Name, enchain me,
I don’t like boxes


I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for keeping me connected with the world. Without you I would have given up the fight for life long ago. My family ran away as soon as I got cancer and then went blind and became wheelchair bound. Likewise my so called christian friends to whom I had given a lot over the years, only to be abandoned when I was in need myself. I now spend my life cut off from the world here. It is as i have said before, a world of physical blackness. Some days I feel as if I will go mad. I have no human company. However, I come here and find your comments and know that I am still connected wth the world in some way. You have no idea how much this means to me and gives me reason to go on living. I am slow to respond to you sometimes and that is for physical reasons, but when I read them, they save my life. I owe you all a lot. That is the reason for this big thank you xx


It was in the garden that you came to me
While the sun shone and the willow wept
You found a crack where you could get in
Gently prising it open
The sun was warm and the sky was smiling
The willow kept her silence
In that garden deceit was born
From the waters of the wicked
The wisdom of the willow knew all
And now I weep beneath her branches


By the old wooden bridge she sat
Looking over into the beyond
A new world called she longed to answer
But did not know how to get across
Her limbs were useless she could not walk
She yearned to get over the old wooden bridge

Come my friend I will help you across

She knew such pain as she looked at the bridge
How could she ever get across
She felt so stifled an empty shell
Over the bridge she could find new life
But nothing could help her to get across
A scream was forming in her throat
Desperate was she to find new life
She felt like a puppet dangling on a string

Come my friend I will help you across

Just then she felt the breeze on her face
As it sang a beautiful song in the trees
Gentle and calm caressing her body
“Put your foot forwards I’ll help you to walk
Trust me and put your sweet hand in mine
I’ll take you with me to that brand new land”

Come my friend I will help you across