Email notification failure

For some reason I am not receiving emails from some peoples blogs notifying me of their postings. I wondered why my email list each morning had got shorter and then I discovered that people had posted but the notification had not come through. I discovered that I am still following these people but the notifications are not coming through. One such is FOWC which I have been doing on and off for years. I know that there are others so apologies if you are one of them, it must be another WP glitch but I find this upsetting but thank all those who are following me.

12 thoughts on “Email notification failure

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thank you. I thought it was just me also my number of views and visitors have gone down dramatically recently. This may be why.

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  2. I’ve had some similar problems interfacing with the new email notification system. I solved it by going onsite to “notifications” and selecting “unread.” Everything with a star icon is a comment list. It’s clumsy, because you get all kinds of repeat notifications on those lists, but at least you don’t miss as many! Good luck, sista 😅


  3. Yes, another WordPress glitch. I noticed just yesterday that some of the people I’ve been following for years I am suddenly no longer following. WordPress seems to have just dropped them from my list of followed blogs. It’s very irritating.

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