10 thoughts on “I THOUGHT IT WAS MONDAY

  1. Girlfriend.

    Our relationship is truly cosmic.

    I mean ~ tru-ly.

    Check it out:

    I was just sitting here giving thanks for some small but crucial breaks which have come my way over the last couple of days in this community ~ and of course, right afterward we convince ourselves that we are probably too stupid and maladjusted ever to actually fit in and make ’em glad they were nice to us, right?

    So, right then I mistook today for Monday ~ because to people who work all seven days of the week from home and seldom really need to know the date there’s no real reason to keep track of it, right? ~ and immediately said to myself, “See? You’re totally hopeless, and way too much of an idiot ever to qualify for acceptable community presence. You should consider being a recluse long term.”

    No kidding, girlfriend, I was actually in the process of thinking those very thoughts when my eyes slapped down straight onto the WP notification for this post ~ your post.

    If you had posted any but those few stand-alone words, the notification would have carried the first sentence of your introduction. As it was, that very sentence itself was what met my eye.

    Think I felt better, just a little? You’re so right! Haha!

    Just goes to show, when we reach out with the heart and don’t mind looking a little bit ridiculous ourselves from time to time, we can do so much good for others that we never even suspect…

    Thank you for the blessing that you so naturally are!

    Okay if I turn your post and our comments on it into a “Call and Response” post, with credits of course, on my site?

    You rock on, my sista 👩‍❤️‍👩


  2. blindzanygirl

    This morning I wanted to listen to a service on the internet because I find them quite relaxing and there is one on every day. I asked hubby to put one on for me before he went downstairs. I was listening to it and heard the priest say the words “this beautiful Sunday morning.” I thought to myself what an idiot he was because it was Monday. Then he said they were taking up the collection and I know that they only take up collections on Sundays. Then I thought what a total idiot my hubby was as he must have clicked on a recording of Sundays service. When he came upstairs again I told him he was stupid because he had clicked on Sundays recorded service instead of Mondays live service. He said to me but it IS Sunday, I said no it’s not it’s Monday. He insisted that it was Sunday though and suddenly I realised he was right. I was discomknockerated for the rest of the day and couldn’t get over it lol ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Don’t you hate it when you take others to task and then find out it was you being stoopit all along? I’m sure glad it NEEEE-VER happens to MEEEEEE… 🙄


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