I Used to be Strong…

I found this today and I relate to this so strongly. A very poignant poem

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

I used to be strong

Invincible, unbreakable, and fearless
That seemed so long ago now
I can no longer remember how it felt
Maybe it was a dream after all
Or someone I used to know

I used to think I could do anything

Was this something I imagined?
Looking back at my life 
I could be seeing someone else 
someone who doesn't look like me
Doing things, I never did

I used to imagine a better life

Where pain and sorrow never belonged
A life full of joy and happiness
A life of peace and contentment
Where did my careful imaginings go?
Was I considered unworthy?


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to!

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One thought on “I Used to be Strong…

  1. I asked this same question, essentially, “what am I doing wrong to get so much resistance from the world?”

    The answer was: “You’re not doing anything ~ you came here. This is where those things happen. You wanted to help, remember? Well, first you have to fully be right there, and this is that.”

    Certainly did tweak my perspective for the happier ~ hope it does something similar for you 😚😚


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