Last night at around 1 am we were in bed when we suddenly heard three loud bangs that sounded like gun shots from the street outside. Alarmed, my husband got out of bed to see what was happening. As he looked out of the window he saw a white car parked on the road and a man coming round the corner and then walking up our road and to the white car. He pulled the driver out of the drivers seat and then he knocked him down onto the ground. The man was unable to get up off the ground and he laid there for a while as if he was unconscious. Eventually however the man managed to get to his feet but was staggering. He attempted to get back to the drivers seat of his car but he fell to the ground again.

My husband shouted at me to ring the emergency services and to get the police and an ambulance. As my husband has a speech impediment and was trying to relay to me what was happening it was very difficult. However I did manage to ring emergency services and ask for police and an ambulance. I was passed to the police who immediately told me to ring an ambulance. I was passed to the ambulance people, but they told me to go to the police. I was bounced between police and ambulance and neither of them would agree to come. Meanwhile the man who had been knocked to the ground managed to get back into his car and drive slowly off.

We have no idea at all what was happening, but it was very frightening as you can imagine. I felt very frightened because there was so much shouting and it sounded as though there was a gang outside but it turned out to be only two men. I was upset that neither the police nor an ambulance would come. After the car drove away all was quiet again.


  1. You and your husband did exactly the right thing by contacting the police and ambulance, Lorraine. I am glad that the man was, apparently OK after his ordeal. It may be worth putting in a complaint to the police, explaining what happened as you should not have been passed from pillar to post like that. Kevin

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  2. blindzanygirl

    It was Val, took me a while to get back to sleep after that. Our road is a cul de sac so is normally very quiet🎉


  3. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Kevin, we seem to be complaining about a lot of things recently! By the way , I just found your comment in spam, and I myself was in there too. We 😄were in there together! I wonder what we were doing😄😄


  4. It should be up to the police to respond, and up to them to contact the ambulance service to request they attend too. Things have gone downhill since I was in the London ambulance service, and also working for the Metropolitan Police after that.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


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