Real Deal

This poem has a cutting clarity that we should all heed. Thank you Ana.
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Troubador of Verse

(Why do we bother to enact elder harassment laws, disabled harassment laws, female discrimination laws, laws against domestic terrorism and hate crimes if we are not going to enforce them?In the case of this poet’s targeting, every last one of these enhancements apply.

The poet does not include here her donations link for money because what she needs right now goes by a different name. Justice.

For a homeless, jurisdictionless woman, burdened as well with what she has recently discovered to be the kind of almost completely fictionallegal record too tragically typical in our low income demographics both urban and rural ~ and bringing a complaint against yet another jurisdictionless individual ~ her chances of escaping any sort of court appearance without finding herself remanded to some “assistive” institution are slim indeed.

“Assistive” institutions require the relinquishment of their indwellers’ most basic civil rights.The right to…

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