This post is about my friend Blossom, whom I met whilst undergoing chemotherapy. She had a cancer which was eventually going to kill her. She was a fighter, as we all were. She and I went out together a lot after I went into remission. We went out to the theatre, out for meals, and just out for coffees together. We always knew that she would leave us eventually. In some ways her story is very sad as her family, like mine, deserted her. She never got over it, and often got into morose, angry moods about it, which I completely understood. We had good times together for a while, until I became too blind to go out with her. We stayed in contact however. I felt so much for Blosson in her predicament.

On one occasion when we went out for a meal, she talked about where she would be buried, and she made it clear that she did not want her family to know where she was buried. She had been looking at possible places to be buried and she shared with me where some of them were. Some of them were funny and we laughed a lot.

Eventually she did die, and, true to her word, no one ever knew where she was buried. There was no funeral and only her solicitor knew where she was. I understood her feelings and why she had chosen to do this. In many ways she was very bitter about her family, and I understood. She was a very forthright person who spoke her mind, and I liked her for that. I felt her story was very sad, and remember her often and miss her. I simply pray that she has finally found her peace. R.I.P. Blossom.

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