One of the books that I am reading at the moment is called “st. John of the Cross Master of Contemplation.” I have always been drawn to St. John of the Cross as he talks a lot about darkness, but it is a luminous darkness. I find affirmation within his words and this does my soul good on what is essentially a very lonely journey, stripped of so much that makes a person human. Many people see the darkness as bad and fear it and try to avoid it. Light is the all important thing and if we are not in their view walking in the light, then we are seen in a very negative light. Sorry about the unintended pun lol. For myself I have had to re assess the darkness and have found much comfort within it, though it can also often seem a very desolate place. I have found this book wonderful, and it made me feel not so alone, and it speaks of many of the things I have experienced regarding the darkness. It is not a negative place to be, though it can be frightening at first and very lonely.

I have been reading many books about the darkness, and there are many mystics who see the darkness as a wonderful place. I too have found that to be so true. I have recounted here in my blog, before, my experience of having the darkness put its arms around me when I had been put in a great deal of distress. I have never forgotten the experience and it almost felt like a mother to me, putting her arms around me. I do not despise the darkness, thought I still do often find it a frightening and isolating place to be. I have not finished reading the book yett, but I can’t wait to read more of it.


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