Since I have been incapacitated and stuck in bed a lot of the time, I have wanted to read books. Often reading provides a wonderful escape from the problems and sadnesses of life. Just to rest back and ignore everything and be taken to a different place is wonderful. So I have been seeking books that I can read. Being blind presents me with rather a problem. There are audible books, which are very good, although some of the voices that the books are read in cam be very annoying and detract from the book. I can read a book if it is done in Kindle as Voice Over on my iPad will read it for me. Many books are now done in Kindle as well as paperback, but often I want to read a book that is not in audible or Kindle. I tend to like specialised books and they are not the norm.

I feel very frustrated at times, simply because my ability to choose books and read them is curtailed. I ended up, in frustration, listening on audible to murder mysteries, and those ten to be done in a series of books. I have found the they are formulaic. The way in which they are written is always the same. It seems that food and drink form a large part of the books. Also there always has to be a different and memorable detective and it gets very predictable. There can be some rather gruesome scenes described and the sleiths always end up almost dead themselves and in some very scary situations but they are always suddenly rescued.

To be honest I read so many of these books out of boredon, but can no longer stomach them. They get on my nerves.

I am still looking for good books and a bit of escapism. I do like true stories too, though. I have read many memoirs of people who have gone blind, like me, and I have discovered that each one is very different. It has led me to want to write my own experience, but I never get on with it. Maybe I should.

If anyone knows of any good books please let me know. I am all ears.

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