I am still no good at some things in WordPress and I do apologise because my husband is still having to respond to many of your comments, which I really want to do. Sadly though, sometimes it emds up that he gets the reply to one person in another person’s box. It has happened very recently. Fortunately it was ok and got sorted out.

The reason that I want to respond to your comments is not just politeness, but also because I really DO want to. I like the interaction with people and also so often your comments are so lovely. They always lift me.

Being stuck in bed a lot of the time, with little to no contact with people, these things are precious to me. And also I have a deep longing to be able to go to the blogs of others as I genuinely want to read there and also join in. This is not happening very much as I can never find my way to them and sometimes finding my way around a blog is too difficult for me. It is so frustrating. I am not wanting to do this to keep people following and reading me, but because I want to do these things. People will choose to read me or not and it is nice when they do, but I would still want to read others irrespective of whether they read me or not.

I do feel that so much has been taken away from me by this wretched blindness. I am still trying to learn how to do things. One day I will manage to do everything that I used to do. Hopefully.

13 thoughts on “ALL MIXED UP

  1. Lorraine, I’m so sorry for the struggles of navigating life; and WordPress. I’ll never understand what it would be like to not be able to see. I can share frustration on wanting to be a good follower and conversationalist with the friends here. I understand as I feel that way. I sincerely love you and am so thankful to know you. I wouldn’t have ever been a receiver of your blessings had it not been for WP. Don’t forget to give yourself grace…days and weeks can go by,…but when I AM able to be here and read your thoughts, it’s a blessing! I’m sending love and hugs across the great pond! 💕🥰🙏🏻

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